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Les Meilleures

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Les Meilleures: French for The Best.

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Applicant Rules:
- Write "New Applicant" as the subject of your application.
- Make your application Friends Only.
- Apply within 48 hours of joining.
- Do not reply to every comment unless asked to. Bitching at the members or mods will result in you being banned.
- No chat speak in your application. It is annoying.
- Spellcheck your application. Please.
- Do not delete your application. Anyone who does this will be banned.
- Spend time on your application. Members won't want to say yes if they think that you are being half-assed.
- Do not post until you are accepted.
- If you are rejected, please remove yourself from the community.
Note: Applicants must be at least fourteen, and fourteen must be a mature fourteen.


Stamped Rules:
- Be active. It doesn't matter what you post really, as long and there is no nudity or violence, just be active. Once a month a mod will be going through the members and warning everybody who is not being active. If you do not start participating, you will be removed from the community.
- Comment on people's posts. There might be points in it for you.
- Vote. You may ask people to sway. If they do not answer it is an automatic no.
- Be bitchy. We like bitchy people.
- Make posts Friends Only.
- Let us know in a post if you are going on hiatus or leaving.
- Do not leave, then re-apply. Just go on hiatus.
- Mention the number of points your post is worth somewhere in your post.

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